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Big gardens for small spaces

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Big gardens for small spaces

Horticus Living

Having a large collection of plants is amazing, but it can get a little crowded with our floor space disappearing pretty quickly. This is particularly true for city dwellers. 43% of Londoners live in a flat, the most of any region in the UK, promoting the move of our gardening skills to our balconies and our living rooms. With the mean average UK one-bedroom home being 46 sq m (495 sq ft), according to Riba, space is one of the issues these horticulturalists face.

By focusing on our desire to nurture our carefully grown fauna, we’ve rethought the living wall; made it more flexible, added a few lifestyle features and kept the practice of cultivation.
Horticus is a modular living wall system that can grow in keeping with your botanical demands. You choose the size and layout according to your preference and it doesn’t have to be all plants either. Use an empty planter for mementoes or select from pods with different functions.
You can grow your living wall at your own pace. There is no need to get a lot of plants straight away to have the impact. Our small kit consists of 1 powder coated steel frame and 3 terracotta planters and can add a touch of jungle to a bathroom, bring fresh herbs to a kitchen and a sense of calm to a living room.
Planters are made from terracotta and can be lifted in and out of the frame. Easy when it comes to repotting or if rearranging if the mood strikes you. Even better, the planters can be watered from above through a grid of watering holes.
Combination of powder coated frame with terracotta brings a natural feel to interiors while offering a fantastic contrast to the greenery.

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