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Nayarit successfully closes the 29th edition of Gala Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

Nayarit successfully closes the 29th edition of Gala Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit

The 29th edition was the largest in the history of this event with more than 6 thousand business meetings

Nayarit, February 14, 2024 - The Gala Puerto Vallarta– Riviera Nayarit closes its 29th edition, the largest travel and tourism event of its kind to take place in Mexico and considered the prelude to the Mexican Tianguis Turistico. This edition is now the largest in history as over 6thousand business meetings took place, all with the objective of occupancy at both destinations.


Guests of the destinations started arriving the 2ndof February to take part in extensive agendas of hotel and destination site visits with an opening reception taking place in Puerto Vallarta’s Art District on the 6th  with the official welcome cocktail taking place on the 7th in Riviera Nayarit under the theme of“ Carnival in Nayarit” in the newly opened Sanctuary Park in Hotel Vidanta Nayarit.

From February 8 to 9, the event brought together 107 hotels from the region with just over 80 wholesalers from 13 countries + 99 companies from niche markets such as romance, luxury, golf, LGBTQ+, MICE for a total of 180professionals in the tourism industry. With the objectives of these meetings being to establish alliances and cooperative strategies between the commercial partners of the destinations and the hotel industry, determining what actions will be carried out to mainly promote the 2024-2025 winter season.


“The Puerto Vallarta - Riviera Nayarit synergy allows our visitors to enjoy two states and multiple destinations; in Nayarit, from sun and beach tourism in our Riviera Nayarit to mountains and Magical Towns, ensuring those attending this event will find something of interest,” said Juan Enrique Suarez del Real Tostado, Secretary of Tourism of Nayarit.

The presence of the romance, luxury, golf, LGBTQ+ and  MICE markets, along with the renovation of the Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center and the great hotel offering, has resulted in what organizers are reporting as  “record breaking “ more than 6 thousand business meetings.


For the state of Nayarit, these niche markets are of special importance to its tourism campaign and has taken the steps to be a “Virtuoso Preferred Destination”, as well as a member of USTOA, ASTA, ATTA and IGLTA. Nayarit is also a member of WTTC's Hotel Basics, an initiative that seeks to promote sustainability in the hotel industry.


From February  8thto the 14th, participants took part in post trips across the state of Nayarit, each with a specific niche in an effort to position hotel properties and the destinations across the state in the minds of those who can develop and include the products in their sales.


“Gala Riviera Nayarit – Puerto Vallarta is one of the most effective channels to increase knowledge of the unseen parts of Mexico that we can so proudly offer to the world. The event's ability to attract some of the most important decision makers in the world of travel is key to a successful season and beyond,” said Nayarit Tourism Minister Juan Enrique Suarez del Real Tostado. “As a state that has many new offers in the world of tourism, visibility in front of the right people is of great importance. I congratulate all hoteliers, DMCs, tour operators, our Magical Towns and our new airport for being present and continuing many important conversations. With out a doubt, this event and the alliance with Puerto Vallarta and the state of Jalisco is very positive, mainly by sharing the entry points through the airports of Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara.


Nayarit emphasizes the capital's airport, now the international airport of Riviera Nayarit, which was present at this edition of Gala to generate alliances with tour operators.


This airport is very close to the center and north of the coast of Nayarit, close to important areas such as San Blas, one of the main destinations in Mexico and one of the main destinations worldwide for bird watching, as well as iconic places such as the Magical Town of Jala, the Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro and the Sierra del Nayarit.


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