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Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest Revitalises Kempinski The Spa

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest Revitalises Kempinski The Spa



Budapest, October 2023Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest has redesigned its Kempinski The Spa facilities, concept and treatments.Inspired by travel and well-being, the revitalised space now alludes to notions of travel and self-at-peace, while the treatments are crafted to suit guests’ individual needs. The signature ‘The Hungary Holistic’ treatment based on Hungarian mud, which yields mineral, mechanical and thermal effects, remains an essential part of the spa journeys. Several treatments and facials are inspired by the ancient Irish tradition of seaweed bathing using the VOYA (a derivative of ‘Voyage’) product line, the Irish family-owned and -run wellness company.


JPREROVSKY_Kempinski Budapest_The Spa_Reception_16A7548.jpg


The world’s first certified organic-seaweed-based skincare product, VOYA and its rare expertise offer highly personalised treatments, drawing on the 300-year-old history of Ireland’s North-West Coast’s indigenous seaweed bathhouses and backed by science corroborating seaweed’s efficacy in facial and body care. Kempinski The Spa is the first and only spa in Hungary that uses VOYA’s sustainable luxury products and spa therapies.


Under the guidance of designer Krisztina Kováts of Haken Design, the Spa’s refreshed space reflects our fundamental desire to travel and discover. ‘Everything is a journey’, she explains. ‘It only takes a moment to turn the most mundane weekday into a journey around the world. As we style our home, we travel. We design worlds in every corner and, at the same time, imperceptibly create the warmth that home means.’


‘Be and stay well’ remains the focus of the Kempinski The Spa experience, which the new treatments elevate to a bespoke dimension. Kempinski The Spa offers a little island of silence to recharge – a place that radiates peace and harmony – in the bustling metropolis. The décor is distinctly Japandi, a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design rich in natural, sustainable materials and subdued earth colours that create harmony in a smooth style.


The hotel commissioned the design suppliers of the new Kempinski The Spa from Hungary and sourced the materials and furniture locally. The space also features contemporary Hungarian artwork, new additions to the renowned Corvinus Art Collection.


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