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What is Microsoft Security Administration and How Passing MS-500 Can Help You Build a Career in This Domain

What is Microsoft Security Administration and How Passing MS-500 Can Help You Build a Career in This Domain

Microsoft 365 is a combination of various services and tools that you can subscribe to avail the best security services, intelligent cloud services, and innovative applications. It can be used for homes, enterprises, businesses, and educational purposes. Hence, learning the necessary skills to manage this suite is not only worthwhile but also opens the doors to various job opportunities in the relevant sector. 

To learn the skills to manage the security features of Microsoft 365 within the organization, Microsoft offers a self-paced course on Certbolt. And to verify the skills of security administration, Microsoft has a certification exam with the name Certbolt Microsoft Azure Security: Microsoft 365 Security Administration, which leads to obtaining the role-based Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate accreditation. 

About Microsoft 365 Security Administration 

The security and compliance solutions for Microsoft 365 and other similar hybrid environments are overseen by the Microsoft Security Administrators who are in charge of monitoring, applying, and managing them. Key duties of such specialists include: 

  • Securing Microsoft 365 enterprises
  • Conducting investigations
  • Taking rapid action against threats
  • Enforcing data governance

Certbolt Microsoft Azure security administrators must work holistically. They cooperate with Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators and stakeholders to develop security strategies and make sure that they abide by the principles and constraints of enterprises. 

Moreover, they are also responsible for configuring policies to ensure that data is not only protected but can be recovered in case of any unfortunate event too. Thus, they are basically responsible for the overall security of data, information, identity and access management, and risk management. 


Must-Have Skills for a Microsoft Security Administrator 

Regarding the skills that a Microsoft security administrator must possess, they are the following ones: 

  • Implementing identity protection and operating access
  • Operating and applying threat protection
  • Applying and operating information protection
  • Operating compliance features and governance in Microsoft 365

That means that candidates should be proficient in dealing with Azure AD authentication and synchronization options, conditional access policies, Azure AD Privileged Identity Management. They also should be experienced in working with Microsoft Defender for Identity, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, and Microsoft Sentinel. To add more, they should demonstrate top-notch skills in operating DLP, utilizing Certbolt Windows Records Management, Compliance Manager, Microsoft 365 Defender portal. 

Professionals That Can Benefit from Passing MS-500 Exam 

Other than security administrators, multiple other professionals can benefit from this Microsoft exam too. Hence, if you are in one of these fields or aspire to be, passing Certbolt Microsoft 365 Identity can open doors of a wide variety of job opportunities for you. 

Desktop Support Technician 

They are basically in charge of diagnostic teams where they visit workstations and analyze the problem, access procedures, and related protocols of Microsoft 365. These technicians earn 30$ per hour on average, according to the Ziprecruiter statistics. 

Network Administrator 

Exam MS-500 is a significant test to pay attention to for a network administrator. Many duties such as Active Directory management, security practices applied on daily basis, and identity protection all can be understood easily through this certification. The average salary earned by a network administrator is 70-80$ per hour. 

Cyber-Security Engineer 

MS-500 is a great step for individuals who want to pursue in the field of security as an IT security professional. Such professionals gain skills to prove their capabilities in foreseeing the arising threats such as hacking, malware, etc. and resolve them using security protocols and keep the situation under control at all costs. They earn 64$ per hour on average. 


Taking the Certbolt Microsoft Azure DevOps exam from Microsoft equips you with the skills required for building a career as a Microsoft 365 Security Administrator and earns you the significant validation of your proficiency- the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate accreditation. In addition, it opens you a wide range of career opportunities as well, and makes you a valuable specialist in the chosen domain. Being a certified Microsoft 365 Security Administrator, you can make an average of $98,885 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.com. 


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