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The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch

plant based The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch weight loss

The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch

The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch

Healthier for Life

Healthier for Life is the first of its kind! The plant-based diet is growing rapidly and we thought it was time to introduce the first online plant-based weight-loss club to not only help plant-based eaters with healthy and nutritious recipes but also give them a platform filled with important information and tools to keep a healthy weight and lifestyle!

What is a plant-based diet? 

A plant-based diet is any diet that focuses on foods derived from plant sources. This can include fruit, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes, nuts and meat substitutes such as soy products.

 The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch

Plant-based vs vegan?

With a vegan diet, you eliminate all animal products, including dairy, meat, poultry, fish, eggs and honey. With a plant-based diet, you can decide whether or not you want to consume animal products, and the focus is on eating mostly foods that come from plant sources, this is why some people adopting a plant-based lifestyle may include honey within their diet. Plant-based diets also place the focus on eating whole foods, meaning the food has undergone as little as possible processing.

One common mistake new plant-based eaters make is reaching for the ‘easy’ processed and packaged foods which tend to not be healthy.  Healthier for Life is here to give a helping hand to this new way of eating and support everyone on their journey to a slimmer, fitter and healthier them through plant-based eating. 

 The First Online Plant-Based Weight-Loss Club Launch

How can Healthier for Life help? 

At Healthier for Life, we are committed to helping you swap bad habits with healthy ones to achieve a healthier body and mind. We create articles, recipes and weight-loss plans for plant-based lifestyles as well as exercise articles and videos. In addition, we offer coach support 7-days a week.


Plant-based eating made easy. 

We have over 1200 plant-based recipes waiting to be discovered. Our team works hard to regularly add new recipes to our site, so you’ll never be stuck for ideas!


Easy weight-loss plans. 

Whether you are looking to count calories, cut back on processed foods or try intermittent fasting there is something for everyone. The plans contain gluten-free meal suggestions and work in conjunction with our extensive recipe collection, so you will always be inspired!


Easy to use food and exercise diary.

You can record and track your food and exercise in our simple food and exercise diary, and even add photos of your meals if you wish! You can calculate the calories for your favourite family recipes using our extensive food database, and even save your favourite meal choices and much more. We also offer Fitbit integration, so you will be able to connect your Fitbit to your Healthier for Life diary.


All the support you need.

Our coaches are here to help you every step of the way on your journey to becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier. They will guide you through all the resources and be there to provide support, motivation and inspiration to make sure you really do feel supported. Combined with all the tools our site has to offer you really will be able to make healthier sustainable choices that last a lifetime.


Start your journey to becoming Healthier for Life.


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