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Join the Fight Against Mental Illness: View Life Through Gratitude Lenses

Gratitude Lenses Mental Illness

Join the Fight Against Mental Illness: View Life Through Gratitude Lenses


Gratitude Lenses


San Diego, CA, January 18, 2021 — The lens through which we view our experiences in life can have a profound impact on how we react to the world around us. Following his father’s death by suicide, Daniel Hack had a decision to make. He could choose to be defined by the tragedy or use it as fuel to elevate his purpose and lift millions of others with him. He chose the latter.


Daniel embarked upon a period of self-reflection, looking inward to uncover his authentic self and to cultivate a gratitude mindset — not just for himself but also for everyone he could reach. His vision materialized, resulting in Gratitude Lenses, a movement brand that includes not only quality sunglasses, but also a purpose-driven community that encourages life-seekers to live life through a lens of gratitude each and every day.


Gratitude Lenses offers high quality, polarized sunglasses crafted from acetate material in two popular styles. Inside the arms of each pair are empowering quotes: “Live life through a lens of Gratitude” and “Make it a great day!” For every pair of sunglasses sold, the company gifts a pair of sunglasses, along with other resources, to a family impacted by suicide.


The sunglasses serve as everyday reminders that, in any situation, our reality is determined by the lens through which we view life and that, just like the sunglasses, each of us is made by design and put here for a purpose.


“We have a quality product with a message of gratitude that people resonate with,” Daniel said. “Our sunglasses spark real conversations and serve as reminders to live life through a lens of gratitude.”


Additionally, those who join the Gratitude Community get exclusive access to a Daily Gratitude Affirmation app and an online community of positive-conscious people who provide encouragement and reminders to slow down and be grateful.


Founded by Daniel Hack in 2020, Gratitude Lenses is a movement brand for life-seekers who desire daily reminders to be in a place of joy, to live healthier and to live a life of purpose. The company’s vision is to transform communities by inspiring people throughout the world to live joy-filled lives while practicing gratitude and being fully present.


To learn more, please visit https://gratitudemovement.co or follow the company on Instagram at www.instagram.com/gratitudelenses/.

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