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The Campaign: Everyday Art, Everyday Life Ginori 1735

 The Campaign: Everyday Art, Everyday Life Ginori 1735 presents new adv campaign starring Jake Gyllenhaal



Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), 2023 – Ginori 1735 has partnered with official Talent, actor, and artist Jake Gyllenhaal to launch a new campaign that celebrates the love of art, craft and generosity.


Gyllenhaal’s intersection of passions – art, design, fashion, film and storytelling– embody the quintessential mastery of style that has long been a hallmark of Ginori’s craft. An artist with a keen sense of humor and commitment to pleasure and spontaneity, Gyllenhaal represents a true partner for a brand that embraces the qualities of life that delight and inspire. Gyllenhaal is a beloved, world-renowned actor that chooses his projects with precision and coy, navigating the dynamics of art and power, dismantling the well written rules of tradition and order, replacing them with freedom and style, moving between indie and Hollywood effortlessly, entering every room with a humble grace that keeps him welcomed back time and time again.


The campaign launches this May with the Oriente Italiano collection, video and photo series shot by photographer Gray Sorrenti. The collaboration marks the turning point for an international brand that has traveled the past, to imagine the future.


A video produced by Gyllenhaal launches the campaign showcasing the beauty of Italian porcelain and tradition. Gyllenhaal brings his artful eye and creative spirit to the Ginori 1735 Manifattura in Sesto Fiorentino, Italy. Observing the skilled artisans molding stunning porcelain pieces by hand, he is inspired to share his own passions and appreciation. The day ends with the simple ritual of a shared meal made with local ingredients, prepared by Gyllenhaal. In a world of constant motion, it’s rare to slow down, enjoy, appreciate and share the moments that make a life.


The film is a celebration of craftsmanship. Old and new. Ginori believes that every dish, every table and every home is an act of generosity and community.


I am honored to partner with Ginori 1735, a company that values both tradition and innovation. Their deep dedication to craft is inspiring. Our partnership aims to express the importance of slowing down, enjoying life and appreciating the beauty of art. I am thrilled to be a part of this project and grateful for the wonderful experience of being able to film the campaign in the Ginori’s timeless factory, alongside their skilled artisans. We had a wonderful time making this” said Jake Gyllenhaal.



About Ginori 1735

Ginori 1735 has been for almost three centuries one of the main global brands in the field of luxury and lifestyle, the expression of the Italian excellence in pure porcelain and in the design. Part of Kering Group since 2013, Ginori 1735 has always been associated with great figures of fashion, art, design, architecture, film and decor. The Manifattura creations represent a perfect blend between heritage and innovation. They include tableware collections, art and living objects, gifts, lamps, furnishings, and fabrics, crystalware and cutlery, expression of a passion for Italian culture, colour, art, and gracious hospitality. The iconic crown that marks the back of tableware in some of the finest homes and most exclusive restaurants around the world stands for the most sophisticated merging of craft and art. This brash combination of taste has always been at the heart of the brand. Over centuries, the Manifattura evolved its process and production, bringing together ancient techniques and contemporary world view to produce homewares under the direction of visionaries. The Ginori 1735 mission is to forward a modern Renaissance, a rebirth and rediscovery of the pleasure, personal expression, and art of everyday life. Today, the Ginori 1735 world is shaped by a multiplicity of voices, opinions, and styles. It reinvests its legacy with the vision of the next generation of cutting-edge style masters, that bring art into everyday life and everyday life into art. Ginori 1735 counts on a distribution network which includes: its e-commerce channel that reaches 31 countries globally, its Florence, Milan, Sesto Fiorentino and Paris flagship stores, selected dealers in Italy and a presence in high-level Department Stores and multi-brand Specialty Stores all over the world.

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