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Lead Actress on Working with Co-Star Cam Gigandet in Lionsgate Western Film

Lead Actress on Working with Co-Star Cam Gigandet in Lionsgate Western Film

Hollywood’s newest leading lady, Chantelle Albers, stars alongside Cam Gigandet ("James" in Twilight) and Hannah James ("Geneva Dunsany" in Starz's "Outlander") in the new Lionsgate film, TWO SINNERS AND A MULE which hit select theaters this weekend and is available now on demand.


Watch the trailer: TWO SINNERS AND A MULE


We would love to arrange an interview with you and Chantelle Albers to discuss her breakout lead role, working alongside Cam Gigandet, her journey from North Dakota to Hollywood, and her favorite moments filming on set.

Kicked out of a small Western town for sinful behavior, free-spirited Alice (Albers) and Nora (James) set out for Virginia City to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant. Out on the prairie, they come across an injured bounty hunter named Elden (Gigandet). Hoping to share in the reward, they nurse Elden back to health and help him stalk his prey, Grimes. But as Nora and Alice both develop feelings for Elden, no one notices that Grimes is now on their tail, and the hunters become the hunted. Directed by Raliegh Wilson in his directorial debut, Two Sinners and a Mule stars Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down, Violent Night), Chantelle Albers (Love and Love Not, In Search of Fellini), Hannah James (Outlander, Mercy Street), and Buck Taylor (Cowboys & Aliens, Tombstone).


A chameleon on the Hollywood scene Chantelle is always eager to take a risk. As a new face in Hollywood, she has emerged as one of this year’s top indie stars as the producer and star in the female driven horror film The 6th Friend. Although she has been on stage acting since a child, Chantelle has always tried to expand her skill set outside of acting, only to bring it to use for her characters. Whether it’s learning a German or British accent, ballroom dancing, or fighting off bad guys, Chantelle comes prepared with the details.

Chantelle is an American actress that grew up on a ranch in North Dakota and learned to ride a horse at the age of four. Since she was a child, she's loved animals, and acting in theatre and musicals. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance and received an Irene Ryan Award nomination for her role as Karen Wright in The Children's Hour. After moving to Los Angeles for film, Chantelle worked in comedy, horror, drama, westerns, and continued to be active in live shows. Aside from acting she also became active in producing, where she produced and starred in a female horror film, The 6th Friend, streaming on Amazon, Tubi, and Movie Central. The film had a limited theatrical release with Cinemark Theatre, and also went on to win numerous Best Feature, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress awards. She's worked with members of The Actors Studio on the historical drama, Their Finest Hour, where she played Brit Pamela Churchill, and brough+t Churchill's heartache of seductive scandals to life. She also starred in her first western where she leads the film Two Sinners and a Mule, a film comprised of adventure, gun fights, heartache, comedy, and tragedy. Chantelle continues to expand her work by reaching into new genres and exploring new characters and stories.


Chantelle has always been a very strong advocate of animal rights with a deep love for animals and concern for their well-being. When walking her dog Marley, she came upon a skinny feral dog that had been abused, and had no chip or collar. Chantelle was able to get him into the courtyard of her house and where he tried to bite her and pee on her from being so terrified. Today his name is Eddie and he is happy and healthy living indoors.

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