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Red beats pink, baggy denim beats cargo, and low-profile is key for sneakers

Red beats pink, baggy denim beats cargo, and low-profile is key for sneakers - Stylight trends report

Some of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing of late are on their way out with new colours, items and silhouettes stepping up to hog the limelight, according to fashion beauty search platform Stylight.

Valentino - Spring-Summer2024 - Womenswear - Paris - © Launchmetrics

One key claim in its Fashion Recap 2023 report is that “pink is out, red is in”. Pink was the year’s key colour, primarily due to the huge success of the Barbie film. “But after the big peak in July, the demand for pink clothing and accessories fell just as quickly and dramatically as it rose,” Stylight said. “Our new colour obsession is clearly red, especially dark red burgundy. Compared to summer, the demand for red items is already 21% higher in autumn and the demand seems to be increasing every month”. It also thinks the red colour family “will continue to accompany us in 2024”.

It also thinks that 2023’s dominant cowboy boots are fading to be replaced by biker boots. “Cowboy boots took over the shoe scene faster than any other model in a long time”, it explained. But it added that “the peak in demand for cowboy boots was already reached on Stylight in February. Now that everyone has stocked up on western boots and a new model has taken over our wish lists, we won’t be seeing cowboy boots too often next year. On the other hand, we will be devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to rugged biker boots. Demand for these boots has risen by an incredible 174% on Stylight this autumn”.

As for shoes, “loafers had a big year last year – and while they are a classic, it seems like the hype is slowing down as we move into 2024”. The slingback kitten heel “was a clear star this year – at Fashion Weeks but also on TikTok and in street style fashion”. And its importance is set to continue as “it has become such a versatile piece of footwear, being paired with chic mini dresses as well as baggy jeans and knee-high socks”. 

Stylight thinks that “what also makes this shoe so appealing is the wide variety of options – everything from luxury brands like Miu Miu to vintage styles, making it so accessible to every kind of fashion lover”. 

It has noticed “an uptick of 6% in the last few months and on Google, searches for the keyword ‘slingback kitten heels’ are up 57% this month, which will no doubt make slingback pumps a good investment for 2024”.

Miu Miu

On the sneakers front, chunky is been replaced by low-profile. Stylight explained: “We say… hello to a more streamlined, low-key look. There’s no doubt the Adidas Samba and Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 models have been literally on everyone’s mind (and feet) this year. And we predict that it won’t stop – there has been a 142% increase in demand for these shoes. With this rise in popularity it’s fair to say that more shoe models in this style will start to get more attention as we move into 2024.”

When it comes to key clothing items, the 2023, parachute/cargo pant revival looks to be running out of steam. “This huge ’90s classic with a loose silhouette reclaimed the catwalks and streets, offering a perfect fusion of casual comfort and urban elegance,” Stylight said. But “the baggy trend has also been very strong in the jeans category, and baggy jeans currently seem to be experiencing a spike in interest and traffic, which has us betting on this piece for 2024. We’ve seen a 92% increase in clicks for baggy jeans in October and November compared with the previous two months”.

And the same move is being seen in skirts with cargo skirts ebbing and longer denim skirts on the up (“interest in the denim skirt continues to grow, with a 142% increase in clicks in October and November,” we’re told).

Raey at Matches

Meanwhile, Stylight said that “cropped” seemed to be one of the hottest fashion adjectives of 2023 – with cropped blazers, tops, and sweaters. But interest for cropped sweaters peaked in May and the “off-the-shoulder sweater has been slowly gaining momentum this fall, shaping up to be one of the big trends for 2024”. It’s seen a 38% increase in demand and expects the trend to start appearing on dresses and tops next year.

Then there’s the none-too-practical no-pants trend, that was embraced by influencers if not seen widely on the streets. Stylight said interest in this trend peaked in February “and will almost certainly no longer be with us in 2024 (based on Google search interest)”. So what will consumers looking for sexiness be searching for? “The sheer 2.0 trend”. Stylight said that “coloured, transparent garments” are on-trend, and demand for mesh has grown steadily throughout the year, rising by 33% in the last two months in particular.

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