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Polar bear male Nord has moved to Ranua Zoo

polar bear Ranua Zoo

Polar bear male Nord has moved to Ranua Zoo


15-year-old polar bear male, called Nord, has moved to Ranua Zoo on Monday February 22nd, 2021

Nord came from Denmark, Skandinavisk Dyrepark. Nord was born in Moscow Zoo and the transfer was performed due to recommendation from EAZA´s (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) polar bear coordinator.

Nord left Denmark on Friday, February 19th, and he arrived to his new home on Monday morning. The transportation went well and Nord had a good appetite the moment he got to his new den.

Nord will spend first days in his new home by getting used to his surroundings and his new keepers, and he might be hiding in the den occasionally. If all goes well, he will meet the female, Venus, later this spring. So far they will live in their own enclosures, and cubs are not expected this year.

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