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Honolulu Cookie Company lemon collection




Honolulu Cookie Company Lemon Collection



Honolulu, HI – The zestiest moment of the year is here. Get ready for the return of Honolulu Cookie Company’s Lemon Collection!


The pucker punch of lemon, Honolulu Cookie Company’s much-loved and most-popular seasonal premium shortbread cookie flavors, Lemon and White Chocolate Lemon, are back in all of its citrusy glory beginning tomorrow, March 3, right on time for Easter gift giving for friends and family, and spring season treats for you.


The pineapple-shaped cookies return just the way many admirers of this limited-edition Honolulu Cookie Company collection remember and love them — bursting with the bright, tangy taste of the famously yellow fruit and sweet, enchanting flavor of white chocolate in every bite. Oh, and of course, the palate-pleasing buttery snap of shortbread!


“We’re very excited to bring our popular lemon-flavor shortbread cookies back online and to our stores for a third year, for a limited time,” said Ryan Sung, general manager of Honolulu Cookie Company. “We first introduced our lemon flavor to customers in 2019, and when it made such a big splash, we knew we had to bring it back last spring. After that, many of our customers asked us if we were going to bring our lemon flavor back for 2021. Well, we heard them loud and clear. Lemon is definitely back again!”


Honolulu Cookie Company’s Lemon Collection packaging is beautifully designed as well — lemon wedges on a sunshine-yellow background, sure to instantly brighten the day of every recipient. The collection’s offerings include a Logo Mini Bag (5 cookies), Lemon Box Small (6 cookies, 2 flavors) and a Lemon Tin (12 cookies, 2 flavors). All products are available online and in Honolulu Cookie Company retail stores while supplies last.


To add to the excitement, Honolulu Cookie Company is also set to launch their Lemon flavor in their scrumptious mini bite cookies in select Costco locations in California and the Pacific Northwest. Set to release this spring, the flavor will be available in a 16oz Lemon Mini Bites Bag. Updates will be listed on their website: https://www.honolulucookie.com/content/find-us-at-costco.asp.


Honolulu Cookie Company opened in 1998 expanding to locations across the Hawaiian Islands, Las Vegas and Guam. I Individually wrapped, perfectly packaged and baked using the finest ingredients, Honolulu Cookie Company’s iconic pineapple-shaped premium shortbread cookies continue to be inspired by the tropical flavors and spirit of Hawai‘i.


For more information or to purchase items in the Lemon Collection, visit www.honolulucookie.com, or call (866) 333-5800.


For hi-res images, visit: https://honolulucookie-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/marketing/Etv_ODUFpedAnVEWQg44Nx4BfkJUryfCt3XigSPIuWRToQ?e=onzZTh

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