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New K-pop releases in June 2021

k-pop Monsta X

New K-pop releases in June 2021: Twice, Seventeen, Exo, NCT 127, Monsta X, Loona and more to unveil albums, EPs and singles

  • The single Gambler kicks off Monsta X’s ninth mini-album, Exo release their first album since November 2019 and B.I makes his debut with Waterfall
  • Seventeen usher in the summer months with Power of ‘Love’, while Mamamoo’s Waw explores their last seven years as a group
  • Monsta X release their ninth mini-album, “One of a Kind”, this month. They are among a slew of major K-pop acts dropping new singles, EPs and albums in June.
Monsta X release their ninth mini-album, “One of a Kind”, this month. They are among a slew of major K-pop acts dropping new singles, EPs and albums in June.

As the year moves on, so does the K-pop industry. This month, many of its biggest names will have major releases that are sure to heat up the summer.

B.I – Waterfall LP (June 1)

The soloist, formerly of boy band iKon, kicks the month off with his highly awaited first studio album, Waterfall, which features 12 tracks, including the single illa illa.

He shared a performance film featuring the song Waterfall in mid-May, giving a first taste of the album.

Monsta X – One of a Kind EP (June 1)

The ninth mini-album (EP) from

Monsta X

is fronted by the single Gambler, which was promoted by teasers that turned the six members into suave players. Though band member Shownu has to take a break due to a health issue from promoting the album, he’ll be featured, adding to the stalwart group’s sound when the album drops.

Mamamoo – WAW EP (June 2)

The title of the 11th mini album from the vocal queens of K-pop is an acronym standing for “where are we”. That is also the name of the title track, which is said to explore the story of Mamamoo’s seven years together as a group. The single will be a ballad rather than a dance song, and will shine light on the quartet’s strong and emotive vocals.

NCT 127 with Amoeba Culture – Save (June 4)

This single is a collaboration between

the popular boy band

and the indie label, which is headed by hip-hop team Dynamic Duo and features several artists, including former Wonder Girls member Ha:tfelt. Little is known about the release, but its tagline reads: “Save the moment, save the wild, save environment, save the world.”

Exo – Don’t Fight the Feeling EP (June 7)

The group’s first album since November 2019, Don’t Fight the Feeling revisits the themes and inspiration of


’s 2017 The War: The Power of Music album and its single Power, leaning into the band’s sci-fi, action-flavoured concept and high-energy music.

Twice – Taste of Love EP (June 11)

In April 2018,

the nine-member group

released their fifth mini album What Is Love? Now they will release their tenth mini album, Taste of Love, with a bit of a throwback to that era. The album is fronted by the single Alcohol-Free, and features five other songs, all with lyrics written by a member of the group.

BamBam – Ribbon EP (June 15)

To kick-start his solo career the


member releases his first album since the septet parted ways with their former agency. So far this year each member has been focusing on their own musical identity beyond the group.

Brave Girls - June 17 release

Though it’s name is still not known, the phoenix-like success of Brave Girls continues after their years-old song Rollin’ went viral this year and breathed new life into their career. It will be their first official new release since August 2020.

Seventeen – Your Choice (June 18)

The 13 members of Seventeen will release their eighth mini album, a tie-in with their Power of ‘Love’ project, to usher in the summer. It follows several recent releases from the band and of solo tracks from members – including last week’s Bittersweet, featuring Lee Hi from Wonwoo and Mingyu.

Loona – [&] EP (June 28)

The popular girl group return with their fourth mini album, the follow-up to October’s [12:00]. Little is known about it, though a teaser image shared on June 1 used several Latin phrases referencing preparedness and performances.

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