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Lady Gaga & Hollywood Join Pop Star's Mental Health Mission

Lady Gaga & Hollywood Join Pop Star's Mental Health Mission

Recently featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, WWD, Newsweek, TODAY SHOW and seen in their massive viral success with famous fans Mick Jagger & Lady Gaga, non-binary singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Grace Gaustad (@GraceGaustad) just became the first singer to release music LIVE on the Metaverse platform ZEPETO. Always one to breakdown boundaries and carve their own path, Grace's unique style and creativity bridges the gap between WEB3 and IRL universes.


Making worldwide headlines for their loyal Gen Z audience and raw music that touches on mental health, gender and sexual identity, and self-esteem, Grace is also the founder of BAKEUP, a digital-first beauty brand built on the concept of reimagining beauty in the multiverse which will be debuting on ZEPETO, the fastest-growing avatar platform that allows users to create unique, customizable 3D experiences. In a recent survey of US ZEPETO users, over 16% of users self-identified as gender non-binary or transgender – and Grace aligned with the platform’s approach to beauty, life, mental health and their audience of young, creative individuals who rely on ZEPETO as an outlet for experimentation and fluid self-expression. 


The trailblazing success of Grace’s first self-released album BLKBX: wht r u hding?, successfully carved a niche for their sophomore album, PILLBX: whts ur fantasy? PILLBX zooms out on a fantasy world with Gaustad traveling through the adventures of Grace’s own imagination. Grace’s new video project creates a longform connected world where their album is a new ‘season’ & each track a new ‘episode’ of a mind-bending television series. The song “MOMENT” is the next track to be released from the album. 

“There aren’t too many 19-year-olds with the vocal firmness of Grace Gaustad” – BILLBOARD


Whereas other artists release music with the “here and now” perspective of their career, this 20-year-old independent Los Angeles-based artist has already envisioned their entire trajectory and magnifies their message onscreen and beyond through their full-length, multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional world where all are welcome. Grace’s sparkling discography has captivated fans worldwide thanks to an undeniable penchant for unflinching lyrics and a raw ability to convey the joy and pain of the human experience, solidifying Grace as the voice of Gen Z in the modern age.


Grace began singing and writing at the tender age of five, steadily refining their craft with eloquence as they battled a tumultuous youth, ultimately yielding a rich point-of-view that continues to influence Grace’s artistic output into adulthood. The result is a vulnerable and raw catalogue that includes songs focusing on topics ranging from anxiety to trauma, sexuality and depression. One standout is the LGBTQIA+ anthem “Red”, a romantic rumination on coming to terms with one’s identity. Emphasizing Grace’s commitment to the cause, Gaustad’s complimentary venture BLKBX Project offers free mental health services to fans.

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