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Justin Theroux's Latina Co-Star on Apple+ Series

Justin Theroux's Latina Co-Star on Apple+ Series

Los Angeles-born to a Mexican father and German-Jewish mother, actress and writer Cosima Cabrera co-stars in AppleTV+’s drama series “The Mosquito Coast”, starring Justin Theroux which airs new episodes every Friday.


“The Mosquito Coast” follows the dangerous journey of a radical idealist and brilliant inventor, ‘Allie Fox’ (Theroux), who uproots his family for Mexico when they suddenly find themselves on the run from the USD government. In this new season, Cabrera stars as ‘Andrea Battista’, an alluring wealthy Mexican woman and Harvard graduate who is a thorn in Allie’s side as an imposing antagonist. The character of ‘Andrea’ was originally written as a male character, but the show creators ultimately decided that they wanted an intelligent and powerful woman instead – enter Cabrera, who, as a Mexican-American Yale graduate herself, felt a strong connection to the role. She also enjoyed a role that showcases Latinas in characters other than the stereotypical “sexy bombshell”, and more fully layered and developed people, with illustrious careers and experiences. 

Born in Los Angeles to parents who were both attorneys working in public interest – her father as an immigration lawyer and her mother as an age discrimination attorney – Cabrera was instilled with a socially conscious upbringing that impacted all aspects of her life. She was always interested in acting and did some commercial and acting work as a child, going on auditions and casting calls at a young age. She was also extremely academic and graduated from Yale University as a Theatre and Literature double major. She is currently in the master’s program for clinical psychology at Antioch University. As an actress, some of her most recent roles have included: “American Horror Stories”, “The Resident”, “The Cleaning Lady”, “The Neighborhood”, “S.W.A.T.” and “Westworld”.


Cosima is currently writing a pilot which she plans on producing and starring in. In her free time she donates blood to the American Red Cross, and works with the LA Regional Food Bank, and AIDS Health LA.

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