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A unique Fathers Day Gift idea for Dog Dads and men who travel with their pets

A unique Fathers Day Gift idea for Dog Dads and men who travel with their pets

Suzy's Pet Brand

We know there are many Dog Dads out there, and what better way to spoil them this Father's Day than with a travel solution so they can take their fur-babies with them wherever they go!

West Yorkshire based luxury Dog Accessories Manufacturer Suzy’s have cornered the market in Exclusive Dog Carry Bags that are as stylish for the owner to wear as they are comfortable for the dog to travel in.

The execituve styling makes this exclusive pet-carrier the perfect way to ferry your new puppy or small-sized dog with you on all your adventures, so they never have to miss a thing!


This lightweight, simple and stylish pet carrier from Suzy’s is tinted in blue with a cognac brown leather trim and gold metallic detailing, making it a stylish bag that can easily be combined with almost any outfit. This trans-seasonal and versatile design can accommodate dogs up to 10kg (depending on the size of bag you choose) and, as with all Suzy’s pet carriers, comes with its own three-core orthopaedic carrier cushion to ensure your pets back is kept healthy at all times. The base layer is a stiff plate to keep your doggy’s back straight whilst on the move, the core is a firm foam to keep the cushion from going soggy over time, and the soft top layer is designed to give pure comfort when sleeping or travelling. This is great for all dogs, but absolutely essential for breeds such as Dachshunds and Pekinese who are more prone to spinal issues.

The £1000 open bag design also features a small tether to secure your pup’s lead, detachable leather straps, a side opening, and twin handles, making this pet carrier is perfect for day-to-day use. As with all Suzy’s products, this Sleep Carrier is finished with the standard gold coloured disc of authenticity, and all the metal details on this bag - such as the popper fasteners and harness clips - are made in Italy to the highest spec to ensure they do not lose their shine or get scratched from washing or general wear and tear. 

The durable Dandy Dog Carrier is designed with the fashion-conscious pet-owner in mind, and speaks of understated elegance for the executive pet about town.

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