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For a 2023 vacation, look no further than the happiest country in Latin America - Costa Rica.

For a 2023 vacation, look no further than the happiest country in Latin America - Costa Rica. 


What makes people happy? The pursuit of happiness is an age-old quest and research shows that ~70% of adults globally do, in fact, consider themselves to be happy! If you’re among the 30% who are still working to achieve happiness, add Costa Rica to your 2023 plans. As the #1 happiest country in Latin America and #16 in the world, Costa Rica has learned the secrets to happiness: health, family, and a sense of purpose, all of which are integral to the “pura vida” lifestyle. 


Costa Rica has several research-proven ingredients for true happiness: 

  • Natural Exercise - Daily life in Costa Rica entails lots of time outdoors. Rigorous exercise isn’t necessary when you move often throughout the day.
  • Serious Rest - The pura vida (pure life) lifestyle values downtime, to recharge and let the body heal to thrive. 
  • Deep Social Connections - Interactions with family and friends are enjoyed authentically, unplugged from digital distractions.
  • Local, Pescatarian Diet - Centered around beans, corn, and fresh superfoods like fish, many components of meals are sourced locally.
  • Spiritual Purpose - Whether it’s religion, nature, or something else altogether, having a sense of purpose is what allows us to get out of bed each morning. 


Enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle in the rainforest at Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa, designed to introduce guests to a holistic wellness perspective. Known for its thermal river and 18 different pools ranging from 72-105 degrees, guests are encouraged to relax and revitalize through balneotherapy and its many health benefits. 


Or experience Costa Rica’s Blue Zone on the beach at Hotel Nantipa - A Tico Beach Experience in Santa Teresa! One of the five official Blue Zones in the world, the area’s known for having longer-than-average life expectancy due to daily life full to the brim with the  happiness-driving health benefits noted above like surfing, slow days, and diets fresh from the sea.

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