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Uncover the color palette of each country’s typical lunchtime meal.

country lunchtime meal

Uncover the color palette of each country’s typical lunchtime meal.

Research has shown that color is the most effective sensory cue* when it comes to imagining  the likely flavor of food, inspiring Pyszne.pl to uncover the color palette of each country’s typical lunchtime meal.

By scraping a reputable restaurant review site to find the most dominant lunchtime dishes for each country, Pyszne.pl then analyzed the color hues of each of the most popular dishes, and now can reveal all. 

> This research is part of a larger study into the color palettes of lunchtime dishes around the world: https://www.pyszne.pl/odkryj/mapa-barw-jedzenia/ 

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One of the United States’ iconic dishes, stuffed pizza from Chicago, lends itself to the golden-brown color palette of the country. Uramaki, the sushi roll with rice coated on the outside prevalent in Los Angeles, also contributes to the green hue of their typical palette. 

Canada’s typical color palette is filled with reds, pinks and yellows due to the nation’s love of meat. Peameal bacon and smoked meat sandwiches are their most notable lunches, and contribute to the pink, red and orange tones of the color palette. 

Further south in Mexico, their lunchtime colors consist of light browns and beiges, due to their admiration for tortillas and tacos. Due to their versatility when it comes to fillings and the small amount of time it takes to prepare these delicious foods, it’s no surprise to see these as the most popular dishes. 

Up in Greenland, the color palette consists of pink, orange and black. This is due to the popular dish of muskox – meat which is grilled, roasted and fried as a replacement for beef. The color palette changes depending on the level of cooking, but should arrive at pink and brown hues. 

Color palettes around the world 

Across the pond in the United Kingdom, kebabs and fish and chips pave the way for a range of colors such as red, green and white. Kebabs are often accompanied by salads which are packed full of tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, as well as seasoned meat. Fish and chips is England’s most iconic meal and a seaside staple, especially when paired with mushy peas. 

In Indonesia, Bakso is the most popular lunchtime meal. Contributing to Indonesia’s heavily green and brown toned palette, this meal is a surefire way to warm your stomach due to the herbs, spices, vegetables and poultry included. 

Please see the full blog post for details into every country and continent analyzed: https://www.pyszne.pl/odkryj/mapa-barw-jedzenia/

Please find infographics available for editorial use HERE.

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