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The Hearnow Super Smart Link & iTunes Preview

The Hearnow Super Smart Link & iTunes Preview: Tell the Story & Hear the Meditations for Back Health on One Page


Hearnow, a collaborator of music distributor CDBaby created a smart link to display and sample music tracks as they release. This super smart one page tells about the author in one paragraph, highlights the album front cover, displays the songs and tracks with a clickable 30 seconds demonstration.


Press Me



Dr. Ken Hansraj used Hearnow to highlight his meditation series to boost back health.



Lift, Meditations to Boost Back Health


The clickable tracks provide 30 seconds of audible introductions


  1. Introduction     2:55
  2. My Genius Brain    6:38
  3. Deep Belly Breathing and Tensionometer  14:50
  4. Posture Forces on the Spine   11:01
  5. 10 Free Physicians to Stop Pain  14:30
  6. LIFT, Who Am I    4:46
  7. LIFT, My Daily Routine   6:29

Clickable available vendors are provided e.g. Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer.

About Dr. Ken highlighted “I am Dr. Ken Hansraj, one of the world's most experienced spine surgeons, and I’ve been meditating daily for years to treat my own pains with amazing effect. In this program, I am going to give you those very same meditations which have drastically benefited my health, and the health of my clients & loved ones. Diminish back pain, restore mobility & strength, improve your posture.”

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