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The Best News of 2020: We Made a Baby!

Hotel Zed Nooner

The Best News of 2020: We Made a Baby!
British Columbia’s Hotel Zed ‘Nooner’ campaign results in a pregnancy and 18 years of free stays
Hotel Zed ‘Nooner’ campaign
Victoria, BC (November 30, 2020) - Hotel Zed is pleased to announce that their viral ‘Nooner’ campaign has resulted in a pregnancy with the lucky parents due to give birth anytime now!
With appearances on Saturday Night Live, TMZ, CNN and more, the hip hotel brand made international headlines this past Valentine’s day with their famous four-hour fling package that encouraged bedroom-active couples to take advantage of what their hotel room was made for. To spice up an already spicy package, the hotel promised if a couple had a baby nine-months after a Nooner check-in they would receive a free stay every Valentine’s Day for the next 18 years.
Nicole and her partner Alexander took advantage of the Nooner deal and are excited to welcome the birth of their ‘Nooner baby.’
“We’re absolutely thrilled for Nicole and Alex,” says Mandy Farmer, president and CEO of Hotel Zed. “We created the Nooner to offer a Valentine’s Day to remember and we have a feeling this will definitely be a Valentine’s Day Nicole and Alex will never forget. We look forward to hosting them for the next 18 years!”
Hotel Zed ‘Nooner’ campaign
Like many busy moms, the chaos of 2020 combined with looking after her energetic toddler Jackson, meant Nicole had not been able to do some of the things she would normally have done to prepare for their second baby. When Hotel Zed caught wind of this they decided to set up a maternity photoshoot at the hotel with the help of Flytographer, a female-led, Victoria-based company that connects locals and travellers with a photographer in more than 300 cities worldwide, and the results are adorable.
View the adorable results of the photoshoot here: https://bit.ly/33qbEfd
“This photoshoot allowed my mom guilt to just melt away. I feel like we’re finally able to share and celebrate this pregnancy the way it deserves,” said Nicole.
To learn more about the Nooner Baby Maker deal, visit https://www.hotelzed.com/specials/valentine-s-day-nooner-baby-maker/

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