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Teen Lead of New Netflix Family Series Tackling Mental Health

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 Teen Lead of New Netflix Family Series Tackling Mental Health

The Healing powers of dude

Starring as one of the leads in  Netflix 's highly anticipated teen and family feel good comedy series " Healing Power of Dude " (premiering on January 13th), we would love to arrange an interview with you and one to watch emerging actor  Mauricio Lara on his upcoming project. Mauricio is available to discuss the impact of the upcoming series that tackles social anxiety disorder, surviving middle school awkwardness, as well as other teen issues. Having already starred in heavy hitting series such as CBS' "Young Sheldon," ABC's "The Conners," and TV Land's "Teachers," Mauricio, is one of the must-see next generation of Latinx actors. Please use the following link to view the new trailer for the upcoming series. Healing Powers of of Dude Trailer
"Healing Power of Dude" follows troubled 11-year-old Noah, who suffers with social anxiety disorder, and his two best friends Simon (Mauricio), and Amara as they prepare to start middle school. Aside from relying on his close friends, Noah also turns to his dog 'Dude,' a sarcastic and emotional support dog who needs Noah as much as Noah needs him. Simon (Mauricio), is one of Noah's best friends in the series. He is known for having a big heart and caring deeply for his squad but is also known for not being one of the brightest in his circle. The group heavily relies on each other for support during some of the most awkward and trying times of any adolescent. The series slated to be released in mid-January 2020 also stars Tom Everett Scott, and Larisa Oleynik.
Texas native Mauricio Lara fell in love with acting performance at a young age. At the tender age of 3-years old, he told his mother that he wanted to be on TV. With a growing interest in dancing, and singing in addition to acting, Mauricio knew that becoming an entertainer was in his future. After hearing about open auditions in Dallas, TX from his cousin, Mauricio attended and participated in what turned out to be a large open cattle call for young emerging talent.
After showcasing his talent, Mauricio was asked to participate in an acting camp in Los Angeles. At the end of the acting camp, he participated in a showcase and signed both an agent and manager.
During his first year, Mauricio and his mother traveled and split their time between Los Angeles and Irvine TX. Mauricio began splitting his time between school and preparing for auditions. During his first year he booked his first national commercial before beginning to book roles in feature films and televisions series including JERICHO, CBS' "Young Sheldon," ABC's "The Conners," and TV Land's "Teachers."
When Mauricio isn't acting in front of the camera or going to school, he can be found exploring the outdoors, biking, playing video games, listening to music and is an avid chess player.

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