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Six Condiments the USA can’t live without

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Six Condiments the USA can’t live without

Whether you’re more inclined to squirt ketchup all over your fries, or prefer to dip them in mayo or aioli, there are so many condiment options to choose from. 

Whatever yours may be, spreads and sauces make our meals complete, but which condiments are the most crucial to Americans? 


The new Saucy Study from the consumer spending experts at money.co.uk aims to sort the mustard maniacs from the ketchup connoisseurs, by revealing the top 6 most popular condiments in the US. 

Most Popular Condiments in the USA: 

  1. Guacamole - California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland, Arizona, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma, Utah, Nebraska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, New Mexico, Idaho, Delaware, South Dakota, Alaska, and North Dakota

  2. Wasabi - Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and Georgia

  3. Worcestershire sauce - Texas 

  4. Hummus - Nevada 

  5. Jam - Montana

  6. Maple Syrup - Vermont

Guacamole retains its global crown as the most searched for condiment in the US, with 64% of states favouring the condiment above anything else. 

Residents living in the Golden State were searching for guacamole the most (36,350 per annum). This is perhaps unsurprising considering California is the leading producer of domestic avocados, not to mention home to 90% of the nation’s crop. 

Wasabi claimed second place as the most popular condiment in the US, with the Japanese horseradish paste favoured most notably by those living in Ohio, who searched for it 20,350 times in the last 12 months alone. 

Other mentions must go to Worcestershire sauce, hummus and maple syrup. 


The full Saucy Study can be viewed here: https://www.money.co.uk/credit-cards/popular-condiments

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