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Brand GINORI 1735 Richard Ginori


 GINORI 1735

16th September 2020 - Richard Ginori, since 1735 the maximum expression of Italian excellence in the high-quality artistic creation of pure porcelain, announced today that it will henceforth operate under the new name and brand identity Ginori 1735.


This name change is supported by a refreshed visual presentation. The new signature embodies the bold combination of heritage and innovation, presenting the Ginori 1735 in elegant, sinuous, confident hand-crafted lettering. The logo as of today remains: a recognizable, sparkling hallmark that authenticates and guarantees every piece of Ginori porcelain. The brand identity supports the transition to a global lifestyle design brand, specializing in the highest quality, artisanal porcelain tableware and homewares.

“Today, we are returning to our roots, changing our name, and investing in our legacy of bringing a deep sense of place, a graceful manner, and an effervescent spirit to all who embrace our mission,” Chairman and CEO Alain Prost, remarked. “Richard Ginori is now, and once again, Ginori 1735.”

Ginori 1735 is designed both to celebrate the deep heritage of the company and signify a renewed attention to the evolving tastes and lifestyle of the next generation of luxury consumers.


Part of the Kering Group, the Florentine porcelain legend has been in continuous operation for 285 years producing exquisite porcelain tableware and other elements for the home. The company was founded in 1735 as an artisanal atelier pioneering the art and craft of porcelain under the aegis of Marchese Carlo Ginori in Sesto Florentino, outside Florence. Ginori’s craftsmen perfected a system wherein a simple paste of kaolin, alabaster and silica was cast and fired into the art of the day. The atelier reproduced the statuesque work of Baroque sculptors Massimiliano Soldani and Giovanni Battista Foggini, among others, winning acclaim throughout Europe for the scale of their ambition and a vibrant style characterized by its unique sense of place and gracious spirit delivered with a decidedly-Italian flair.



The iconic Ginori crown that marks the back of tableware in some of the finest homes and restaurants around the world stands for the most sophisticated merging of craft and art. This brash combination of taste has always been at the heart of the Ginori brand. Over centuries, the atelier evolved its process and production bringing together ancient techniques and contemporary world view to produce striking, innovative homewares under the direction of visionaries such as Giovanni Gariboldi, Gio Ponti, and most recently, Alessandro Michele.

Ginori is driven by a passion for Italian culture, color, art, and gracious hospitality. The Ginori 1735 mission is to forward a modern renaissance, a rebirth and rediscovery of the pleasure, personal expression, and art of everyday life. It’s no longer bound by the vision of a few. The Ginori world is shaped by a multiplicity of voices, opinions, and styles. It reinvests its legacy with the vision of the next generation of cutting-edge style masters that cut across all disciplines from fashion, art, design, to architecture, film, decoration, and society. They bring art into everyday life and everyday life into art to create alluring new worlds.




The Manifattura Ginori, whose origins date back to 1735, represents the peak of Italian excellence in the creation of artistic pure porcelain. Ginori’s production represents the perfect blend of knowledge, work, people and creativity, where imagination takes shape as a witness of a unique, extraordinary obsession: absolute beauty. Ginori is active in the creation, production and sale of quality pure porcelain crafted using several processes, some of which almost unchanged since its origins, while others making use of cutting edge technologies and highly sophisticated industrial equipment. Part of Kering Group since 2013, Ginori 1735 has always been associated with great figures of architecture, design and fashion, and stands out on the world scene as a true icon of “Made in Italy” tradition. Ginori counts on a distribution network which includes: Florence and Milan flagship stores, one monobrand store in Moscow, selected dealers in Italy and a presence in high-level Department Stores and multi-brand Specialty Stores all over the world.


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