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Practice these diet tips to save your waistline during self isolation

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Practice these diet tips to save your waistline during self isolation

Eat whole foods: Tips on mastering your optimal diet. Credit: Verywell


SELF-isolation might be good for escaping the virus but it may not be good for your waistline. We would all love to find a convenient way to follow the “perfect diet,” after we figure out what that actually looks like. The best human diet for health is simply to eat whole foods. This traditional nutrient-dense approach has proven to be effective for those who follow it.

Here are some easy guidelines to simplify the process of mastering your optimal diet, despite your lifestyle:

Lower carb meals.  Many health professionals suggest approximately 80 per cent of your meals should lean towards having a ‘slower’ carbohydrate content. Slow means the carbohydrates have high fibre content which slow blood sugar spikes. A typical low carb lunch may consist of a large salad, chopped vegetables and beans or chicken.

1/2 plate full of vegetables. Your carbohydrates should come from mostly vegetables. This means replacing your bun and fries with a lettuce wrap and a double side of sautéed broccoli.

Protein. The absolute best appetite suppressant known to date is protein. Prioritise and budget for high-quality protein, especially if from an animal source. Plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, and seeds count too!

Nothing from a bag or a box. Probably not new advice to you, but track how many snacks you consume that are pre-packaged, replace those with veggies and dip, boiled eggs, homemade low-sugar fruit and nut mix.

Limit alcohol to 2 days per week. Especially for fat loss; 1-2 drinks max. Nothing thwarts fat loss like alcohol. As a sugary additive to our diet at an average of 7 calories per gram, it can easily put your body into fat-storing mode.

The secret behind the above guidelines is not so much that it is offering you the perfect diet but it is actually setting your body up for better digestion, increased metabolism for fat burning, and enhanced detoxification. When we provide the body with the optimal nutrition from real food, along with healthy lifestyle habits like exercise and well-managed stress, we can make it easy to manage detoxification, blood sugar and even an occasional off the diet splurge.

Via: https://www.euroweeklynews.com/

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