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Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari, Animals, Boy Blue, Rehearsals and Ideas Foundation

Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari, Animals, Boy Blue, Rehearsalsand Ideas Foundation

   Thanks to so many of you whose excellent coverage of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant is creating such a positive buzz about the big day on 5th June!The weekly media update from The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant press team at Shephard Communications is here to keep you informed, set up filming and interview opportunities, provide quotes, information and images and support all coverage of the pageant.

Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari Following this week’s reveal, images of the Platinum Jubilee Sari are now on our media hub. The world’s first Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari is designed by London based Nutkhut and Arts University Bournemouth fashion students and chosen by internationally renowned designer Paul Costelloe. The design of the sari embodies the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth, and is made from sustainable recycled plastics.  20 dancers will wear the sari print, as well as two custom made four metre high puppets draped in this stunning winning design, which will travel alongside a six metre high, four-tiered wedding cake as the visual centrepiece of The Wedding Party chapter of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant’s Let’s Celebrate section.10 Saris will be packaged, posted and stamped with a wax seal of approval to cities across 5 continents, including Commonwealth countries where they will be worn by individuals in front of iconic backdrops such as New York (Brooklyn Bridge), Sydney (Harbour Bridge), Rome (Colosseum), Suva (Fiji Harbour). Get in touch to interview Nutkhut about the sari.

Boy Blue – New Act AnnouncementProlific dance act, Boy Blue, are confirmed to be representing the 2010s era as part of The Times of Our Lives act. The award-winning hip-hop dance company will perform a set with a team of 25 professional dancers, championing and reflecting youth, future leaders and creators. Boy Blue are celebrating and representing the many diverse cultures and subcultures that enrich and elevate the UK. Individuality and identity are also key parts of this decade which can be seen in the choreography, as well as promoting unity and collaboration.Creative Director of this celebratory piece is one of Boy Blue’s Co-Founders and Co-Artistic Directors Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy MBE, with Associate Choreography from long time company member Bruno Perrier. The Boy Blue team are supported by two fantastic Dance Captains, Yolanda Newsome and Jess Lewis.The 2010s set is choreographed to an upbeat and vibrant track mixed by Boy Blue’s other Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante MBE. Michael is a renowned producer, composer and DJ, whose 20-year career history is firmly etched in the UK black music industry.Animals in the PageantThere are many representations of the animals of the UK and Commonwealth in the Pageant. Please contact us if you would like to cover any, or invite them into your studios. Here’s where you can spot the creatures of the Platinum Juilee Pageant:Chapter 1: The Princess and the DragonAct 3 Let’s Celebrate begins with The Hatchling, a colossal dragon puppet by Trigger. It will span The Mall and is bigger than a double-decker bus.Chapter 2: The Queen’s BeastsCreated by Shademakers on the Isle of Wight, this is a panoply of creatures, each representing a different nation of the United Kingdom. Over a hundred elaborate costumes in four sections will represent the animals of the Four Nations of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, led by lions in their region’s heraldry. The English section has swans, peacocks, ravens, falcons and dancing roses. The Welsh section has a dragon, chickens, pigs and sheep. The Northern Irish section features a snake, an Irish Wolfhound and a bull.Chapter 4: The CoronationBrent-based Mahogany Carnival Art are creating an interpretation of the Coronation in Afro-Caribbean carnival-style by imagining the animal kingdom’s response to Her Majesty The Queen’s accession to the throne whilst  in Kenya. There will be an array of animal carnival costumes made up of elephants, giraffes, and flamingos (costumed mobility scooters).Chapter 5: From Tiny AcornsGreenwich and UK based Emergency Exit Arts & Mandinga represent the four nations are represented by flora and fauna. The fauna section is made up of a colourful array of large-scale puppet creatures, including a Tongan lion, a dragon fish, sea horses and tropical frogs.Chapter 10: The Queen’s FavouritesCoventry–based Imagineer’s Godiva leads a playful procession which includes interpretations of The Queen’s beloved pony ‘Peggy’ and many of her favourite galloping horses including Royal Ascot Gold Cup Winner ‘Estimate’ surrounded by a pack of mischievous puppet Corgis. Swan-Upping is represented by beautiful winged costumes and flag bearers.Rehearsal datesAs we get closer to 5th June, rehearsals are becoming more spectacular – ideal for filming, photography and interview opportunities. You can find all rehearsal dates on the updated acts fact sheet in the media hub password PlatinumJubilee. Contact platinumjubilee@shephardcommunications.com to arrange media opportunities through the Platinum Jubilee Pageant press office.Imagineer, who are creating The Queen’s Favourites act, with the giant Godiva and playful creatures are holding a cast rehearsal open to media on 22 May, 4pm – 5pm at Cardinal Wiseman School, Potters Green Rd, Coventry CV2 2AJ. There will be movement, dance, and procession. Please note they won’t be rehearsing with any of the large puppets. Interview opportunities include: Kathi Leahy, Artistic Director, Jane Hytch, CEO, Louis Lewison, dancer, and other cast members. Contact HelenLAnnetts@hotmail.co.uk to attend.Thames Festival Trust who are producing the River of Hope part of the Pageant are welcoming media to a rehearsal on 24 May at the London Nautical School  from12-2pm to interview students that created some of the River of Hope flags and see them rehearse the dance routine with some flags. Contact k.forde@thamesfestival.org to attend.Ideas FoundationWorking in schools and colleges across the UK to develop creative campaigns around a Commonwealth of Kindness, Ideas Foundation are inspiring young people to create amazing artwork, building their confidence, skills and hope for creative careers. They have some amazing stories of the individuals involved. There are some amazing images on the media hub.  Contact heather@ideasfoundation.org.uk for more information and images. Visit the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Media HubWith just few weeks to go until The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, we’d like to invite you to utilise our Media Hub to find info on the acts, photos and newly uploaded video content to illustrate your Pageant stories. We will be updating this regularly. Password: PlatinumJubileeIf you can’t find what you need, want more information, an interview, or to talk to us about coverage ideas, please contact platinumjubilee@shephardcommunications.com or call 07938624307.Spotlight on the acts: Spotlight on the acts: Cirque BijouUnity, by Bristol-based Cirque Bijou celebrates unity and a unique UK. Our unique and exciting future is projected through fashion (costumes by Teatum Jones), music and the physical prowess of elite athletes and performers – both disabled and non-disabled. The section features performers and acrobats animating a large mobile stage. The centrepiece is aerialist artist, suspended beneath a vast huge helium balloon (heliosphere) bearing the image of HMQ. A group of elite BMX stunt cyclists perform on a huge mobile structure, jumping from here on to moving Land Rovers alongside. The mobile structure also features a trampoline wall. There is live music from the Steam Down Band and 90 young hip-hop dancers from the Tottenham-based group Steppaz.Spotlight on the acts: Emergency Exit Arts & MandigaFrom Tiny Acorns by Greenwich and UK based Emergency Exit Arts & Mandinga showcases the spirit and longevity of The Queen’s reign and the diverse community and identity that forms the UK and Commonwealth.It features a huge Oak Tree with a Maypole rising out of the branches – maypole dancers weave ribbons in and out to form an image of Her Majesty the Queen. Colourful masquerading costume, folk music and dance representative of the four nations and our diverse communities. It will feature 30 'baianas', dancing to hits such as ‘I feel good’. This role is traditionally given to older women in the community, and 30 older women have been chosen from Clapham and Preston for the role.The four nations are represented by flora and fauna. The fauna section is made up of a colourful array of large-scale puppet creatures, including a Tongan lion, a dragon fish, sea horses and tropical frogs. The flora section features a ‘Pineapple Queen’ followed by a field of pansies, strawberries and lotus flowers. Colourful spirit creatures make up the tail section of the group, made up of a contingent day of the dead characters.The tree is flanked by drummers and percussion musicians celebrating folklore and the rich history of the UK. There will be exuberant participants from Beats Carnival in Belfast and collaborating artists from Cardiff.  The maypole dancers are from E15 dance school in Southend. Blackpool dance school House of Wings will also appear.About The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant:The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant will take place on Sunday 5th June 2022, processing along The Mall and surrounding streets in celebration of The Queen’s 70-year reign. The organising company, The Platinum Jubilee Pageant, has commissioned artists and communities from around the country and Commonwealth including military personnel, performers, key workers and volunteers from across the UK, who will come together to tell the story of The Queen’s 70-year reign and our transforming society. The Platinum Jubilee Pageant Company is co-chaired by Sir Michael Lockett KCVO and Nicholas Coleridge CBE. The CEO is Rosanna Machado and Pageant Master is Adrian Evans.For further information about the Platinum Jubilee Pageant, please contact Shephard Communications - Platinumjubilee@shephardcommunications.com.Imagery and other downloadable content is available at the Media Hub. Password: PlatinumJubilee.

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