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Image   ImageGlimpses into the “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark” experience.(Photos Courtesy of Kaleidoco)


Mixed-Reality Immersive Experience Extended Through Labor Day in DowntownLas Vegas Arts District

LAS VEGAS (JUNE 2022) – Due to enthusiastic demand, “Particle Ink: Speed of Dark,” the original, immersive experience bringing visitors through a portal into the 2.5th dimension, announces it will extend its limited run in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. After captivating thousands of visitors since it first opened in April, the limited-run, mixed-reality experience has added seven additional weeks of performances, which will continue through Labor Day. “Speed of Dark” has received praise for its inventiveness from a cross-section of media and entertainment-industry influencers:

  • Troy Heard, founder, Majestic Repertory Theatre, says, “It’s the best thing in Las Vegas right now.” 
  • John Katsilometes of the Las Vegas Review-Journal describes it as “The new, whimsical trek to the Metaverse…” offering a “breathtaking combination of mixed-reality installation and live performances.” 
  • Geoff Carter of the Las Vegas Weekly hails it as “…built on discovery and surprise…a classic hero’s journey.” 
  • Rob Kachelriess of Thrillist advises, “…make a point to see ‘Particle Ink: Speed of Dark,’ a new show that combines live performers with interactive animation and imaginative lighting in a warehouse of evolving stages and scenery.” 
  • Melissa Gill of Off The Strip touts the experience as “packed with captivating animation and stunning special effects.” 
  • Noah J. Nelson of No Proscenium declares it as “Unmissable…” He says, “The show… should be priority one for any and all immersive fans, and immersive curious, who can get there.”

“We are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive reception and rave reviews from everyone who has experienced ‘Speed of Dark,’” said Cesar Hawas, executive producer, Particle Ink. “With such a high demand for immersive experiences combining art, technology and live performance in Las Vegas, we are ecstatic to be able to extend our run. It has been a complete and total joy connecting to the community in and around the Arts District and we look forward to welcoming new and returning guests.”Revealing a rupture in the Particle Ink Metaverse, where the virtual world blends into the physical world, “Speed of Dark” invites visitors to explore an abandoned warehouse that contains a portal into the 2.5th dimension. Otherwise invisible, the in-between realm of the 2.5th is that liminal space between waking and sleeping, where the rabbit waits before being pulled out of the hat and where ideas reside waiting to be found. Inside The LightHouse visitors encounter an otherworldly realm inhabited by characters made of pure light spring from the inventive minds of The LightPoets. On crossing the threshold into the place where the veil between dimensions is thinnest, guests will find themselves within the pages of a living graphic novel—a world created with ink and paper by a grieving Artist. Whimsical illustrations leap from the walls to foretell events that will forever change the lives of the Artist and his wife Lilith. A place of pure magick and captivating performance, “Speed of Dark” offers every visitor an opportunity for personal, intimate interactive exploration. Each “Speed of Dark'' experience lasts approximately one hour and takes place Wednesdays through Sundays at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. inside The LightHouse, located at 918 S. Main Street in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit ParticleInk.com.

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