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How to quickly boost your immune system, get fit and stay healthy in less than 26 minutes a week

AI CAROL CAROL the AI stationary bike stationary bike

How to quickly boost your immune system, get fit and stay healthy in less than 26 minutes a week – with CAROL the AI stationary bike

CAROL the AI stationary bike 

It is time to take a radical approach to keeping fit. When the stakes have never been higher, when it’s no longer just about the body beautiful but about keeping ourselves as healthy as possible so that we can fight off germs and viruses, it’s time to change the way we think about exercise so that we can get fit and stay fit as quickly as possible.


CAROL, is the scientifically proven stationary bike that uses AI to give you a truly personalised HIIT workout in under 9 minutes per session with only 2 x 20 seconds of hard work that will get you fitter and boost your immune system faster than any other form of exercise.  It’s smart tech for smart people who want to optimise their health when it’s never been more important to be healthy.


Forget long hours in the gym, jogging in the cold and rain and even forget about not having enough time to exercise. The cutting-edge science behind this innovative data driven AI bike makes CAROL a game changing piece of kit that could be the missing link that helps you easily get fit, lose weight and stay fit and healthy during these challenging times. 


Many of us have unfortunately seen how an increase in sedentary way of living and resultant decrease in physical activity is becoming increasingly problematic. 


CAROL the AI stationary bike


Working out on CAROL will improve your heart health, overall fitness, help you lose weight, help lower blood pressure and blood sugar so you can reach your optimal fitness to stay physically and mentally stronger than ever.


Using AI and self-learning algorithms the data driven CAROL has taken everything we know about exercise and turned it on its head. it is smart tech for smart people. Every workout is personalised and all you need to do are 2 x 20 second sprints topped and tailed by a few minutes of warm up and warm down time, meaning you can cut your cardio to a total of 8 minutes and 40 seconds in total.


Using the data we collect on you CAROL really does deliver the most truly personalised workout, it’s like having an exercise physiologist and personal trainer rolled into a stationary bike; the more you train her algorithms, the better she gets to know you, the smarter she gets. Each workout is personalised to you and you reap the benefits of these tailor-made rides to push you further than you could ever push yourself”, says xxx of CAROL

The science backs this up. A randomised study for the prestigious American Council on Exercise compared fitness gains following 8 weeks of short CAROL intense and fat burn rides with traditional workouts adhering to the recommended 30min of moderate-intensity treadmill exercise five times a week.  Impressively, the CAROL group saw a nearly two-fold greater improvement in fitness (12.3%) than the traditional, moderate-intensity group (6.9%), making obsolete the recommended government guidelines of 5 x 30-minute exercise a week.


Regular use of CAROL doubles fitness gains and improves many key health markers. Watch the video here to find out how regular sessions on CAROL leads to rapid depletion of glycogen stores which leads to weight loss, a drop in blood sugar and blood pressure, making it ideal for people with diabetes, metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems.





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