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Have you ever called, and nature really answered?

Have you ever called, and nature really answered?
Finavia opens a direct line to Lapland's untouched nature



Finnish Airport company Finavia invites Germans to dial in to the tranquility of Finnish Lapland’s untouched wilderness. With just a simple phone call, Lapland’s serene beauty opens up to be discovered.


Finavia, the airport company managing Finland’s Lapland Airports, unveils a unique way to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life by opening up a direct phone line to Finnish Lapland’s untouched wilderness. The beauty and serenity of Lapland can now be discovered with a single phone call.


At the start of June, a phone line to Lapland opened up. By dialing in, the callers are transported to the serene landscapes of Finnish Lapland’s wilderness. They can pick from a variety of different landscapes and seasons and relax to the soothing soundscapes of Lapland's untouched nature – from winds and forests to waves and birds.


This allows people to discover Lapland in an entirely new and personal way and to start planning their own adventure.


We want to respond to the growing demand of travelers looking for experiences that are diverse, unique and representative of their values – something that allows them to escape from the chaos of busy modern life,” says Finavia’s Head of Marketing Anna Tuomi.


The phone line can be accessed by dialing the number +49 800 815 8150. The line is open for three weeks starting from June 3rd. The number is free to call. More information about the campaign is available from Finavia.fi.


Finnish Lapland accessible all year round

Finnish Lapland is a vast region with plenty of room to roam in the country voted the happiest for seven consecutive years. There's a range of different destinations and activities to choose from all year round, also in the summer, when the days are neither too hot nor cold and there is plenty of light.


Finnish Lapland is as diverse as we the people and welcoming to everyone. And everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or health conditions, deserves the opportunity to savor the beauty of the great outdoors. Even the famous nightless night alone is a once in a lifetime experience”, Anna Tuomi continues.


Many travelers are surprised by the “Everyman's Righta unique feature of the Nordic countries that guarantees access to the forest for everyone, regardless of land ownership.​


Everyman’s Right could well be one of the many factors that have contributed to Finland being the happiest country for so many years”, says Jyrki Oksanen, Head of DACH & Benelux at Visit Finland. We encourage everyone to experience the Finnish way of life during their stay in Finland and discover for themselves why we continue to top the rankings.


There are four key gateways to Lapland provided by Finavia: Kittilä, Ivalo, Kuusamo and Rovaniemi airports, all accessible with direct route connections and year-round with transfer connections via Helsinki Airport.​


In addition to Düsseldorf, connections to Lapland are smooth from all over Germany throughout seasons. In the summer, Lapland can be reached by a transfer flight via Helsinki Airport from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.​ In the winter, there are 13 direct routes from all around Germany.


In brief

  • The outdoor campaign runs in the city of Düsseldorf for one week starting from June 3rd, 2024.  During the campaign, there are ads around Düsseldorf with the Call the Wilderness phone number. The number is available for three weeks from the start of the campaign and is free to call.
  • After dialing the number, the caller is greeted by the buzz of the airport and a guide which helps them to choose their preferred experience. Callers will be able to connect to one of four distinct Lapland areas, each offering their own unique soundscape. They will also have the option to select from four different seasons. Following the selection, they can then kick back and relax to the sounds of wilderness.

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