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Gunty’s War: New novel brings together 1920’s Berlin

1920 Berlin Gunty’s War Hollywood London

Gunty’s War: New novel brings together 1920’s Berlin, pre-war London and Hollywood’s heyday in rags-to-riches heart warmer


With a spectacular knowledge of his subject matter, Michael Levenson’s passion for the cinema and capacity for storytelling makes Gunty’s War both a delight and an education



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United Kingdom - Set against the backdrop of changing political, social, and cultural times in the first half of the twentieth century, Gunty’s War offers readers a glimpse of life in the inter-war years, including the cosmopolitan culture of 1920s Berlin, pre-war society in London, the rise of the Nazis and the golden age of movies in what was Hollywood’s heyday.


The author’s meticulous knowledge of the era’s film industry ensures Gunty’s War is filled with all the well-known actors and actresses of the day, as well as many less well-known names.  This rags to riches story of Gunther Conrad returns the reader to a pre-Netflix age and a moment in time when going to the cinema and watching a movie was something rather special.




Gunther Conrad comes from humble beginnings in early twentieth century Hamburg. Pursuing his dream, he makes his way as an actor in the world of theatre and then the cinema, during the rise of the Nazis.

Following a stint in Hollywood in the heart of the studio system at the advent of sound, Gunty returns to Germany. However, as the Nazis increase their stranglehold on the country, political tensions force him to leave home again, and he finds himself in Britain at the centre of the show business world.

But Gunty’s personal life will tie him to Germany where the ever-encroaching power of the Nazis engulfs his homeland, Europe and then the world. Meeting important British political figures through his growing status as a star, Gunty is presented with a new opportunity to help banish the Nazis once and for all. He returns to Hollywood to make take up a major contract and to make his contribution to the war effort.



About the author:


Born in London, Michael Levenson has lived in the UK and the United States. He has spent most of his working life in the licensed trade including many years as the parliamentary chairman of the Licensed Victuallers Association.


With a life-long love for the cinema, Michael is passionate about the history of the film industry. He cites his favourite film as Best Years of Our Lives and his favourite actor, Claude Rains.   Michael hopes that readers of his novel will be inspired to learn more about the world of cinema and films.


Living in Greater Manchester with his wife Janet, Michael is a father of three and has six grandchildren and three great grandchildren.



Book Details:

Publisher:  i2i Publishing

Language:  English

Print length:  570 pages

Available from: Waterstones, WH Smith and Amazon


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