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Third place in the Rolex Middle Sea Race gained with a fully eco-sustainable trimaran confirms the ambitions and goals that the Brand and the Italian yachtsman have in common.

Luxembourg, October 2022 - Together FILA and Giovanni Soldini set their compass for an ever more eco-sustainable world. It gives FILA great pride, in fact, to see its brand on board the Maserati Multi70 full electric on which the Italian legend of the sea tackled the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Third place in the
spectacular offshore race in the Mediterranean demonstrates how, with commitment and determination, important results can be achieved with a completely innovative system.

“It was a race that was exciting and at the same time very difficult, which immediately began as a struggle, with adverse conditions for our boat. Despite that, we succeeded in maintaining a very fast pace and I am truly happy with the progress made with Maserati even with light and very light winds” said Giovanni Soldini at the end of the race.

In addition to the joy for the result obtained, what makes FILA proud, apart from dressing the crew and having their brand printed on the hull and sail of the boat, is to see Giovanni Soldini race with a pilot model of an electric system that will be tested in March 2023.

The trimaran with which he tackled the regatta has characteristics never seen before in competitive offshore races, such as the construction of a support profile to improve the boat’s aerodynamics and to obtain significant surface areas for the installation of solar panels.

Giovanni Soldini’s commitments devoted to the environment do not stop there. The programme of sea surface monitoring continues on board the Maserati Multi70, thanks to the presence on board of the Ocean Pack (SubCtech), a machine allowing analysis of the CO2 levels, temperature, salinity and connectivity of the
water. The data will subsequently be made available to the scientific community to enable it to ascertain and map the sea’s health status.

So the collaboration between FILA and the Italian yachtsman continues to flourish. From the historic Open 60 FILA of 1998/99, which led to his winning two stages of the “Around Alone”, and the famous rescue of Isabelle Autissier, to the eighth edition of the RORC Transatlantic Race 2022, where he concluded the trial to the eyes of the world with a time of 6 days, 18 hours, 51 minutes and 41 seconds.

A winning combination, a proven crew, driven by the desire of FILA and the Italian skipper to surpass their limits, to test themselves and to send a strong message in favour of eco-sustainability. Giovanni Soldini is preparing for exciting new adventures with FILA.

In January 2023 FILA will still be at the side of Giovanni Soldini who, again steered by the desire to create awareness among people around environmental themes, will start his round-the-world race with the RORC Transatlantic Race.

The goals of FILA and Giovanni Soldini do not know inclement weather, above all when we are referring to the possibility of contributing to a cleaner world and an increasingly eco-sustainable environment. It is an honour for FILA to accompany the skipper towards such stimulating horizons.

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