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AI Film Festival Sees Unprecedented Surge of Submissions; Experts Comment on AI's Impact on Filmmaking


AI Film Festival Sees Unprecedented Surge of Submissions;

Experts Comment on AI's Impact on Filmmaking

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The surge in submissions at the 2nd Annual International AI Film Festival underscores how AI tools transform filmmaking, enabling independent and underrepresented creators to produce studio-quality films.

June, 2024 – Vilnius, Lithuania. The 2nd Annual International AI Film Festival, organized by Runway AI, has seen an unprecedented surge in submissions, showcasing 3000 movies created using AI tools compared to last year’s 300. This increase demonstrates that AI filmmaking is not just a fleeting trend but a transformative force in the industry.

"We often hear people saying that AI will destroy creativity, but such festivals prove that it isn’t true. You can check all the winning movies - each poses unique storytelling and style, whereas AI was just another tool for an artist. A tool that will become a must in the future - like a camera is to a videographer," stated Simona Vasytė, CEO of Perfection42, a company that provides custom visual AI tools for animation and VFX industries.

The festival highlighted numerous use cases of AI in filmmaking. One of the winning movies utilized rotoscopy, where the filmmaker Antebi rotoscoped a second character and re-skinned him using AI to make it appear as if he was made of pure muscle. Other movies employed AI for both production and post-production, with AI-generated footage and VFX prominently featured.

"Let’s not forget that all of these tools are still in development - they haven’t even reached half of their potential, yet some of the results are stunning. As more tools appear, their price will decrease even more, enabling more independent and underrepresented filmmakers to increase the quality that will enable them to get more visibility," continued Vasytė.

The average Hollywood movie budget ranges from $50 million to $100 million, making it challenging for minorities and independent filmmakers to gain visibility. However, with some AI tools available for as little as $30 a month, independent filmmakers can now achieve professional-grade results. Persistent racial and gender inequalities in cinema have historically posed significant challenges for individuals who aren't white or male. However, the emergence of AI technology offers the potential for change in this landscape.

"AI is making a tectonic shift in the film industry by making high-quality production accessible to everyone. These tools enable filmmakers to produce studio-level movies on a fraction of the budget, allowing for greater representation and diversity. It will empower young, independent, and underrepresented filmmakers to create high-quality movies that challenge Hollywood's traditional norms," concluded Vasytė. 

Companies like Perfection42 are leading the development of AI tools for the cinema, animation industries, and visual artists. Their service offerings span from pre-production to post-production, including rotoscopy and storyboarding, providing filmmakers or independent studios with comprehensive solutions to improve their creative processes.

The integration of AI in filmmaking is not only transforming the creative process but also breaking down barriers for independent and underrepresented filmmakers. As AI tools become more advanced and accessible, the future of cinema looks more inclusive than ever before.


About Perfection42

Perfection42 provides an artificial intelligence solution for game development, animation, architecture, design, and art industries. Recognizing the inefficiency of generative AI approaches, the company introduces predictive AI solutions to automate the visual creation process, delivering more precise results and reducing production time by at least 50%. Their specifically tailored approaches for businesses and artists help them scale using customizable AI tools.


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