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Adidas and Bad Bunny launch new collection

Adidas and Bad Bunny launch new collection

Adidas and Bad Bunny are returning with a new collaboration, this time focusing on the Campus sneaker model. The Adidas x Bad Bunny Campus is inspired by astrology and zodiac signs and is meant to reflect the spiritual side of the Latin rapper. This release is already their eighth collaborative drop.

The Adidas x Bad Bunny Campus campaign. - Adidas

The sneaker comes in all white, as white is meant to serve as a canvas, inviting consumers to "shine with their own light and illuminate those around us," Adidas explains.

The accompanying campaign for the new collaboration is inspired by the kinetic zodiac energies, he says, because the artist believes "that the alignment of the stars combined with the power of the cosmos creates us and makes us unique beings."

With the campaign, Bad Bunny wants to celebrate his zodiac sign Pisces while representing each sign with its core elements of air, water, earth and fire, which is why the shoe is showcased in twelve different versions. 

The sporting goods manufacturer is taking the astrology theme a step further. The first 50 Confirmed app users that register and purchase the new Campus will win an astral chart reading by a recognised astrologer. And the first 10 customers to register and purchase the Campus will also receive a Bad Bunny-style hype editorial with their zodiac sign's predictions for this year, as well as a small set of candles, incense, crystals and stones. 

The shoe will be available in-store, online and on Adidas' Confirmed app, as well as via Bad Bunny's website, from February 25. The model costs 160 US dollars.

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