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2023's Luckiest Days and Numbers revealed by Zodiac expert

2023's Luckiest Days and Numbers revealed by Zodiac expert

As we bid farewell to 2022, it’s not just good luck traditions and New Year’s resolutions that people turn to. Many of us also look to astrology to seek out our New Year fortunes, with searches for ‘January 2023 horoscopeskyrocketing by 600%* on Google over the past months.

To help people with decision-making as we go into 2023, the experts at Top10Casinos.com partnered with celebrity psychic Inbaal, to uncover each star sign’s luckiest day of the week, as well as the lucky numbers they should be harnessing for good fortune within the New Year.

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Your lucky day and numbers according to your zodiac sign!

Zodiac Sign

Lucky Day

Lucky Numbers



9, 45, 54



5, 6, 33



23, 41, 55



2, 11, 20



1, 10, 28



9, 32, 50



15, 42, 56



13, 27, 49



3, 14, 59



8, 44, 53



4, 17, 31



7, 18, 25

Aries: Tuesday | 9, 45, 54

“Aries is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which governs passion and war, and is the planetary ruler of Tuesday. This would be the best day of the week for actions, so ask that person out, put an offer on the house, or pitch that book on a Tuesday. The warrior planet is linked with the warrior number 9, making it a lucky number for Aries.”

Taurus: Friday | 5, 6, 33

“For those born under the sign of the Bull, Venus is their planetary ruler. The planet of love and home - Venus's day is Friday. A perfect day for romance, Friday is the right day to start searching for love, move in together, or propose. The number of harmony and marriage, number 6, is linked with the love planet Venus, and a lucky number for Taurus.”

Gemini: Wednesday | 23, 41, 55

“The sign of the Twins is a dual sign, ruled by chatty planet Mercury. This planet is in charge of everything communication - emails, contracts, and spoken word. As the ruler of Wednesday, this is the day for Geminis to send a courageous message or sign a new agreement. Moreover, the number of companionships, 5, is linked with the Mercurial qualities of conversation and friendliness, making it a lucky number for Geminis.”

Cancer: Monday | 2, 11, 20

“The sign of the Crab is ruled by the dreamy Moon, which governs emotions and connections with others. The day of the Moon is Monday, making it the best day for dealing with emotions, so schedule a counselling session or plan a heart-to-heart at the start of your week! The number of femininity, number 2, is the lucky number for Cancer, as it links with the Moon.”

Leo: Sunday | 1, 10, 28

“For those born under the sign of the Lion, the Sun is their planetary ruler. Governing the soul, power, and authority, Sunday is the day of the Sun. This is the perfect day to apply for a significant promotion into an authoritative position that embodies your personality. The number of new beginnings, number 1, is Leo’s lucky number, and as it happens, January 1st, 2023 falls on a Sunday, the perfect day for a new start!”

Virgo: Wednesday | 9, 32, 50

“Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. A planet that governs expression between people, Wednesday is Virgo’s lucky day – making it the ideal day for finalizing a contract or sending out wedding invitations. 5 is the number of personal relationships and aligns with the qualities of Mercury, so a lucky number for Virgos. The Virgo Tarot card is called the Hermit, and it is numbered IX.”

Libra: Friday | 15, 42, 56

“The sign of the Scales represents people who are elegant and loving, just like their ruling planet, Venus. A planet that is romantic and domestic, Friday is Librans’ lucky day, which is perfect for declarations of love, and for picking up the keys to a new home. The number 6 symbolizes a luxurious and comfortable life and is linked to the planet Venus, so 6 is a lucky number for Librans.”

Scorpio: Tuesday | 13, 27, 49

“In modern astrology, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, whereas in traditional astrology, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. As Mars is associated with Tuesday, this makes it a good day for ending things and new beginnings. Courageous number 9 is linked with Mars, therefore, a lucky number for Scorpios.”

Sagittarius: Thursday | 3, 14, 59

“This fun, vivacious sign, represented by the Archer, is assigned to the planet, Jupiter. Associated with expansion and prosperity, Thursday is the lucky day for travel-loving Sagittarians, perfect for booking that plane ticket or a much-needed trip. The number of abundance and success, number 3, is a lucky number for Sagittarians.”

Capricorn: Saturday | 8, 44, 53

“The sign of the Sea-Goat is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma. It's the planet of rules and responsibilities, and Saturn's day is Saturday. This makes Saturday a good day for setting boundaries, such as blocking an ex on social media or saying no to an unreasonable request. The lucky number for Capricorns is 8 - the number of material achievements. ”

 Aquarius: Saturday | 4, 17, 31

“Blessed enough to enjoy two ruling planets, the sign of the Water-Bearer was historically governed by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline. Saturday would be the lucky day for Aquarius. This sign's modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, hence Saturday would be a great time to visualise new possibilities. 4 is the lucky number for Aquarius, as it’s the number of Uranus, and represents fearless truth.”

Pisces: Thursday | 7, 18, 25

“With two ruling planets to help out, those born under the sign of the Fish are just swimming in luck. Its modern ruling planet is Neptune, the planet of illusion, whereas, in traditional astrology, Pisces was governed by Jupiter, making Thursday a lucky day for Pisceans. Linked to Neptune, the number of the explorer, 7, is the sign’s lucky number.”

[*In the past 90 days, according to Google Trends on 13/12/2022.]

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